Level 2 – HR On Call

What Is It?

‘Level 2’ is a programme of HR management support that provides you with a qualified HR expert at the end of a phone or email, or on site as required.

Your People Programmes’ HR Professional is there to guide you through all the problem areas. Whether it is dealing with a poor performer, a grievance case or a disciplinary issue, your HR Professional will offer advice, support and practical guidance on your options and detailed solutions, whilst ensuring you steer clear of the employment law pitfalls.

Your People Programmes’ HR Professional will also guide you through the practical elements of increasing productivity through effective performance management, as well as advise on the pros and cons of policy decisions that you need to make.

What are the advantages to my organisation?

  • Dedicated HR Professional: Unlike some HR organisations that provide you with a telephone helpline, which goes straight to a call centre, People Programmes matches you with one of our qualified HR specialists. That individual effectively becomes your HR Manager and you are free to contact them direct. By providing a dedicated, named individual, they can get to know your organisation and are therefore better placed to provide you with pragmatic solutions to your business issues.
  • There When You Need Them: You agree with your specialist how and when you want to use them. Do you prefer email or phone contact – or both – it is down to you. Regular face to face meetings are also encouraged if you want to get the maximum out of your specialist’s experience and expertise.
  • Keeping You and Your Documentation Up to Date: Employment legislation is constantly changing, both due to changes in the law itself and due to the court’s interpretations. Your HR specialist can ensure that you are advised of any changes and any People Programmes provided documentation is kept up to date. They will also recommend changes that should be made to any other documentation that you use. Whilst we are guided by best practice, all documentation provided by us is designed around the needs of your organisation. We will never try to shoehorn a standard document or policy into your organisation; we will always customise the documentation to fit the demands of your business.

What Is Included?

The HR Management Support package usually commences with a thorough audit of your existing policies, procedures and documentation.

Depending on your needs a package of one, two or three hours of support per month will be agreed (this can be adjusted in the future if required). Your HR Professional will agree with you who in your organisation is authorised to contact them, and use that allotted time. There is no minimum ‘call up’ charge – if you are on the phone for 2 minutes that is all that you have used.

You will receive an estimate of work for any activity expected to exceed your current monthly package.

As well as providing the service via a monthly retainer, we also offer a free-standing “Pay As You Go” service, where you just pay for what you use.

Please contact us to get an estimate of the cost for your organisation:

Mail: enquiries@peopleprogrammes.co.uk